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USA Südwesten - Mit Reiseberichten, Fotos, GPS-Tracks

USA Südwesten 2009 - Reisebericht

Tag 1: Ankunft Las Vegas
Tag 2: Death Valley N.P. - Lone Pine
Tag 3: Alabama Hills, Death Valley N.P. - St. George
Tag 4: Angels Landing, Observation Point Zion N.P.)
Tag 5: Subway (Zion N.P.) - Escalante
Tag 6: Dance Hall Rock, "Ätschi Bätschi Valley", Escalante Overlook
Tag 7: Harris Wash Road
Tag 8: Canyoneering mit Rick, Devils Garden
Tag 9: Old Sheffield Road, Moqui Hill
Tag 10: 5 Hole Arch, Moonshine Wash - Moab
Tag 11: Olympic Torch, Secret Spire, Jeep Arch
Tag 12: Tukuhnikivats Arch, Professor Creek, Onion Creek, Fisher Towers - Monticello
Tag 13: Confluence Overlook (Canyonlands N.P. - Needles)
Tag 14: House on Fire, Fallen Roof Ruins, Goosenecks S.P.
Tag 15: Valley of the Gods, White Mesa Arch, Blue Canyon - Page
Tag 16: Coyote Buttes South, White Pocket
Tag 17: Buck Tank Draw, Eagle Gate Arch, Red Hollow
Tag 18: Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell, Blue Pool Arch, Lees Ferry
Tag 19: Coyote Buttes North (Wave)
Tag 20: Red Toadstool Hoodoos, Red Hollow, Zion N.P., Fahrt nach Las Vegas
Tag 21: Gold Strike Canyon, Lake Mead, Valley of Fire S.P.
Tag 22: Shopping in Las Vegas
Tag 23/24:Rückflug nach Berlin

USA Südwesten 2007 - Reisebericht (jeder Tag mit GPS-Track-Analyse und Trackdownload)

Tag 1: Ankunft Las Vegas
Tag 2: Valley of Fire (Ephemeral Arch, White Dome), Baseball Las Vegas 51's
Tag 2: Baseball Las Vegas 51's
Tag 3: Kanarra Creek - Cedar Breaks - Cannonville
Tag 4: Bull Valley Gorge, Round Valley Draw, Grosvenor Arch, Kodachrome Basin - Escalante
Tag 5: Slot Canyons (Zebra, Tunnel), Devils Garden
Tag 6: Canyoneering mit Rick, Amie und Katie (Egypt 2)
Tag 7: Slot Canyons (Peek-a-Boo, Spooky), Sunset Arch, Moonrise Arch, Devils Garden
Tag 8: White Valley, Alstrom Point - Page
Tag 9: Paria (White House Trailhead) bis Confluence mit Buckskin, Buckskin
Tag 10: Navajo Bridge, Coal Mine Canyon
Tag 11: Wahweap Hoodoos, Wire Pass - Buckskin, Old Pahreah
Tag 12: The Wave, Stud Horse Point
Tag 13: Horseshoe Bend, Monument Valley - Monticello
Tag 14: Canyonlands (Needles), Chesler Park, Druid Arch
Tag 15: Behind the Rocks, Arches N.P. - Moab
Tag 16: Canyonlands (Island in the Sky), Mesa Arch, False Kiva, Shafer Trail, Musselman Arch
Tag 17: Funnel Arch, Arches N.P.
Tag 18: Crack Canyon, Farnsworth Canyon, North Temple Wash, Wild Horse Window - Hanksville
Tag 19: Little Egypt, Leprechaun Canyon, Burr Trail - Escalante
Tag 20: Little Finland - Las Vegas
Tag 21: Shoppen
Tag 22/23: Rückflug, Ankunft Berlin

USA Southwest 2007 - Fotoalbum

USA Südwesten 2006 - Reisebericht (jeder Tag mit gpx-file für GPS)

Tag 1: Ankunft Las Vegas
Tag 2: Death Valley (Racetrack, Devils Golf Course) - Beatty
Tag 3: Red Cliffs, Dinosaur Discovery Site - St. George
Tag 4: Little Finland, Virgin River
Tag 5: Red Canyon
Tag 6: The Subway (im Backcountry des Zion N.P.) - Page
Tag 7: Sidestep Canyon, Yellow Rock
Tag 8: Red Toadstools, Cobra Arch, Alstrom Point
Tag 9: South Coyote Buttes, Red Toadstools
Tag 10: Wahweap Hoodoos
Tag 11: North Coyote Buttes (The Wave, Boneyard, Melody Arch, Teepees, Second Wave)
Tag 12: Peek-A-Boo, Spooky, Devils Garden - Escalante
Tag 13: Canyoneering mit Rick, Devils Garden
Tag 14: Moqui Hill, Calf Creek Falls, Horizon Arch
Tag 15: Little Egypt, Leprechaun Canyon, Blarney Canyon, Arsenic Arch, Burr Point - Green River
Tag 16: Goblin Valley, Little Wild Horse - Vernal
Tag 17: Fantasy Canyon - Farmington
Tag 18: Bisti Wilderness - Monticello
Tag 19: Corona Arch, Natural Bridges N.M., Moqui Dugway - Monticello
Tag 20: Rückfahrt Las Vegas
Tag 21: Shoppen
Tag 22/23: Rückflug, Ankunft Berlin

USA Südwesten 2006 - Fotoübersicht
Slideshow USA 2006

USA Südwesten 2005 - Reisebericht (noch nicht ganz fertig)

Tag 1: Ankunft Las Vegas
Tag 2: Shoppen, Fahrt nach Cannonville
Tag 3: Bull Valley Gorge, Lick Wash, Willis Creek
Tag 4: Grosvenor Arch, Cottonwood Wash Narrows, Round Valley Draw, Booker Canyon
Tag 5: Capitol Reef N.P., Cathedral Valley
Tag 6: Red Slot Canyon, Asay Canyon
Tag 7: Broken Bow Arch, Dance Hall Rock, Chimney Rock, Devils Garden - Escalante
Tag 8: Neon Canyon, Golden Cathedral
Tag 9: Slot Canyons (Spooky, Peek-a-Boo, Brimstone)
Tag 10: Cedar Wash Arch, Burr Trail, Wolverine Loop, Hells Backbone
Tag 11: Smoky Mountain Road, Wahweap Hoodoos, Sidestep Canyon - Page
Tag 12: Rimrock Hoodoos, Red Toadstool Hoodoos, Old Paria Movieset, Glen Canyon Dam
Tag 13: Paria River von White House Trailhead bis Confluence mit Buckskin Gulch
Tag 14: White Valley, Horseshoe Bend
Tag 15: Lower Antelope Canyon, Lee's Ferry (Cathedral Wash)
Tag 16: Wahweap Hoodoos, Coyote Buttes North
Tag 17: Wire Pass bis Confluence mit Buckskin Gulch, Red Toadstool Hoodoos
Tag 18: Cottonwood Canyon Road, Bull Valley Gorge, Willis Creek - Escalante
Tag 19: Slot Canyons (Zebra, Tunnel), Big Horn Canyon
Tag 20: Valley of Fire, Rückfahrt nach Las Vegas - Jean
Tag 21: Shoppen - Las Vegas
Tag 22/23: Rückflug, Ankunft Berlin

USA Südwesten 2005 - Fotoübersicht

USA Südwesten 2002

Arizona 1997

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BZ 24.05.1997 - BerlinOnline: Crokodiles wollen den zweiten Sieg
BZ 11.06.1997 - BerlinOnline: Thomas Belter führt "Crocos" zum Sieg
BZ 14.06.1997 - BerlinOnline: Crocodiles sind auf Revanche aus
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